Alliance for Cooperation and Legal Aid Bangladesh - ACLAB

About of ACLAB

Vission of ACLAB
ACLAB visualizes a world free from deprivation, exploitation, poverty, and hunger where people live an enlightened, healthy and democratic life.

Mission of ACLAB
Work for the disadvantaged and vulnerable people to bring positive changes and improvement in their livelihood.

Objectives of ACLAB
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Capacity Building of the Poor
  • Increase Literacy Rate
  • Improve Health Condition of the Disadvantage people
  • Promote and Establish Social Justice, Human Rights
  • Insure Accesses to information
  • Insure Child Protection, Care, and Development
  • Elimination of Child Labour
  • Ensure Emergency Support during Natural Disasters
  • Ensure Environment Protection, Climate Change, and Conserve Bio-diversity

Legal Status-
  • Registered with the Department of Social Services, Ministry of Social Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh, Registration No. Dha-02118, Date: 08/03/1988
  • Registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister, Govt. of Bangladesh, Registration No. 2053, Date: 01/01/2006 Renewal :01/01/2011
  • Affiliated with the Directorate of Family Planning, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh, Affiliation No. 64/87, Date: 19/11/1987
  • Affiliated with the Directorate of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Govt. of Bangladesh, Affiliation No. DYD/Dhaka-624/2006, Dated: 05/11/2006
  • TIN: 198479172972, Dated: 02-12-2013
  • VAT No.: 9111093576; Area Code: 90401, Dated: 23.10.2007