Alliance for Cooperation and Legal Aid Bangladesh - ACLAB

Organizational Structure of ACLAB

ACLAB gives importance to the participation of stakeholders in decision-making and implementation process. It has 4-tier management system i.e. the Personnel, the General Body, the Executive Committee, and the Advisory Body. The General Body determines broad policies and principles. The Executive Committee works out the detailed plans. The Executive Director takes initiatives to the implementation. The Executive Committee supervises the overall progress of the project activities. The 3-member Advisory Body provides necessary advices as regards to the general policies for the program and organizational development.

Executive Director is the managerial head of ACLAB and responsible for designing and implementing project activities. He is assisted by program/project heads and other staff at head office and the field in discharging his duties. He also discharges responsibilities for ensuring effective implementation of programs/activities at the fields. The management and administration is governed through hierarchical arrangement- junior one accountable to immediate senior one. Every staff is individually and collectively accountable for his/her activities. Executive Director oversees the entire management of the organization including its day to day business. He maintains liaison with the donors, stakeholders and the field staff. He represents the organization at different forma and keeps Executive Committee briefed on the entirety of the organization. He is accountable to the Executive Committee of the organization.

Staff development has generally done to suit and equip them to face emerging needs of the projects of ACLAB. The regular appraisal, briefing and professional training through experience sharing on the updated know-how help enrich capabilities of the involved staff in program implementation. Staff enrolled is provided much needed on-the job training by ACLAB and other professional training organizations particularly the donor agencies.